Friday, March 04, 2005

Full Contact Christianity

Full Contact Christians need to be thick-skinned because we believe in being real with each other and free of fear. We practice Full Contact Christianity. We are sick of going to churches that just talk about being accountable.

That means if you do something that upsets or confuses me, I’m going to talk with you about it rather than stew over it (and talk to everyone else about it). It also means that if I do something that makes you confused or upset and you confront me about it, then I’m going to listen not over-react.

Full Contact Christians are not emotional or spiritual pacifists. We are not afraid to take off the gloves, look each other in the eye, and get real. That means we might hurt each other. Sometimes healing REQUIRES pain. When we go to a doctor or dentist, do we walk out if there is some pain? Do we stop rehabilitating an injury because it hurts? NO and NO. Sometimes it hurts to get better.

If we want to belong to a church that is about real growth and serious about healing hurts, then we need to be thick-skinned enough to engage in the kind of Full Contact Christianity it requires.


Blogger Tim Robinson said...

Bring it on!!!!!
I'm sick to death of the husk and peeling without the fruit inside.
For crying out loud, look at the pain Christ went through. We can take a little pain too.

"All I want is to know Christ and to experience the power of His resurection, to share in his sufferings and become LIKE HIM IN HIS DEATH, in the hope that I myself might be raised from death to life."

6:27 PM  

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