Thursday, March 10, 2005

Martialism vs Pacifism

I am a Martialist. Generally, Martialism is the opposite of Pacifism. However, Pacifism and Martialism are not equal opposites because the Martialist is free to employ Tactical Pacifism but the Pacifist is never free to engage in any kind of Martialism.

Open Pacifism can be used tactically against a civilized enemy. Pacifists would not last long against a Kim Jong of North Korea. The passive pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square in Beijing learned that Gandhi and King had the benefit of humane opponents.

Many Christians see Pacifism as an expression of the second greatest commandment - Love your neighbor as yourself. “How can I love someone while I am hurting him?” This is a very shallow way of looking at it. My question is how can you love your neighbor if you are dead or maimed? Defend yourself and then show him love.

Another popular variant on pacifism is where people claim they would only kill to defend others (like their kids) but not themselves. This is just stupid. When you defend yourself, you are defending your family, because your family needs you.

Pacifism is the luxury. When a Pacifist is confronted with someone trying to hurt or kill him or his family, what does he do? He calls the cops or goes to the courts and has them do what he won't. Or he prays to God (and hopes God isn't also a Pacifist). Pacifists can afford to be cowards because they live in a land protected by Martialists.


Blogger Tim Robinson said...

Very good coments. I did like the "pacifism" of Sargent York, which was pragmatic enough to be flexible in order to save more lives.

6:19 PM  

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