Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Keep Getting Older!

As a child, I looked forward to every birthday. About the time I hit 40, I started fighting it every step of the way. At 45, I decided I wanted to be stronger with every successive year. That goal was severely interrupted in 2005, when I blow a disc in my neck and underwent spinal fusion (C5-C7).

Today, I'm a cheeseburger away from 300 lbs and my 50th year is getting close, but I am stronger today than I was before my injury. Last year, I rode a bicycle 360 miles in six days, a century (100 miles in one day) and I am training for another century this May. I've had eight Dog Fights at last year's Gatherings. I can hit harder, lift more weight, and my cardio is better than a lot of younger (and lighter) men.

Am I bragging? Sure, but I'm also very grateful. I was blessed with a supportive wife, kids, friends, and some very good physical therapists and conditioning coaches who have helped me meet my goals.


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